What does Megafarm Produce?

Megafarm operates a 30T/D maize milling factory. The company focuses primarily on milling flour.

The Megafarm Cornmill plant is located on 1600 Prison Road, Moyo District, Uganda.

There are three types: 100kg, 50kg and 25kg. But the business is currently packaging the 25kg, 50kg and 100kg boxes with potential to roll out other varieties in a few months.

Yes. Retailers and wholesalers can place orders, schedule deliveries and track shipping online. Alternatively, customers can visit our office at the Konyo Konyo market or call during business hours.

Megafarm has an account with Equity Bank, Juba which customers can make payments to.

Once a customer places an order, a 30% deposit is required upfront and the remaining 70% payable upon shipping confirmation, normally within 7 days of receiving the order.

Megafarm expedites the shipping process and considering the proximity of Moyo to Juba, deliveries are made within a few hours after the merchandise leaves the store.

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