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Plus bran (50kg and 25kg)

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Megafarm flour is a versatile and general-use maize flour. It is milled from Maiz. As the name suggests, all-purpose flour is suitable for all needs. Megafarm maize flour is also known for its health benefits and versatility in extended-use scenarios beyond the kitchen department.

Maize Flour is a versatile ingredient with culinary, industrial, and even medical uses. Maize flour has other essential health benefits, like anemia and cancer prevention, and it also improves eye health and supports a gluten-free diet. Maize Flour, especially the high-quality flour produced by Megafarm has virtually no cholesterol.

Megafarm Corn Flour, Plus bran(50kg and 25 kg) , makes excellent fresh corn tortillas, of course, but there’s also a world of other possibilities in this bag. This flour is made with dried corn kernels and is ideal for traditional foods like tamales and pupusas.

It can also be used as breading or to thicken chili and soup.

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