5Kg Package Price per Ton

The 5kg packaging option from Megafarm is designed for the convenience of small households, urban dwellers, and individuals with limited storage space. This compact packaging size is perfect for those who prefer smaller quantities of fresh produce, ensuring minimal wastage and the ability to enjoy a variety of Megafarm products without over-committing. The packaging is sturdy yet lightweight, allowing for easy handling and transportation.

Target Market:

The 5kg packaging primarily targets urban consumers, small families, and individuals living in metropolitan areas. This demographic often seeks the convenience of smaller packaging sizes to manage their consumption effectively. It appeals to health-conscious individuals and those who appreciate the farm-to-table concept but have constraints on storage space.


The target demographic for the 5kg packaging includes young professionals, couples, and small families living in urban settings. These consumers value quality, freshness, and sustainability. The packaging caters to their lifestyle by providing a manageable quantity of Megafarm produce while also aligning with their environmental consciousness. Ease of Movement: The 5kg packaging offers unparalleled ease of movement, making it ideal for consumers who are constantly on the go. Its lightweight nature allows for effortless transportation from the store to home, encouraging spontaneous purchases and enhancing the overall user experience.



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